Sustainability, fashion and clothing labels and tags

Sustainability, fashion and clothing labels and tagsSustainability clothing labels tags

London Fashion Week kicks off with a bang again on 20 September 2018, highlighting all the must-have trends from spring and summer 2019. Some of the hottest trends for this scorching summer of 2018 are bold and bright street clothes that are eye-catching and visually beautiful.

Hottest designers for Spring/Summer 2018

The Versace Collection for this year was jaw-dropping, as designers fought to create womenswear that would be a significant tribute to mark the 20 year anniversary of the death of Gianni Versace. Many of the top designs on the catwalk were reminiscent of 80’s style and trends, so power dressing is really high on the list for fashion-conscious women through this year. Some of the strongest features include nipped-in waistlines, strong shoulder silhouettes and emphasised leg lines. Softer, romantic and more feminine designs are also a key design influence throughout this year.

Looking forward to 2019 fashions for women, it seems likely that trouser suits teamed with flat shoes will be one of the principal fashion statements to watch out for.

Sustainable clothing labels

Manufacturers looking for eco-friendly clothing labels for high-quality garment branding should look for ethical suppliers with a good reputation in the trade. Branding your fashion garments with top quality garment labels helps ensure the visibility of your products. Woven Printed Garment Labels supply designer woven labels and tags to manufacturers in the UK and Europe and create professional and creative labels to meet customer design specifications entirely.

Custom Clothing Labels

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