Beautiful Soft Leather Labels

Leather Labels for Clothing and Handbags

Leather is one of nature’s most beautiful materials to work with. Through the tanning process, each of our soft leather labels develops a unique tone and colour, which makes them the perfect option for adding a premium look to garments.

What soft leather labels are there?

There are three types of soft leather labels: genuine leather, synthetic leather, and designer leather. Genuine leather offers premium quality, while synthetic leather offers the same look, for a cheaper price. It is a good option for those on a restricted budget, or with a need for high volume orders. Designer leather options can be made with embroidery, metal attachments, and PVC injection onto the leather. Very soft leather is ideal for loop folded labels.

Can they be debossed and loop folded ?

Leather labels have the option to be debossed, printed and embroidered. Many customers opt for embossed leather labels, as these allow for a sophisticated look on any garment. All of our leathers can be embossed.

Leather Labels Maker

Leather is a truly beautiful material, and as it is natural, it is renewable too. If you’re looking to add some prestige to your clothing range, then consider the benefits of soft leather labels. Get in touch to let us help you create the perfect bespoke labels for your garments and accessories. You are getting the top quality labels straight from leather labels maker. All customized to your requirements. Our genuine leather labels are handcrafted designs and made with the finest sustainable sourced materials.

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