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Woven Cotton Labels UK Design

One of our most popular customize labels is 100% natural cotton woven labels.     We use 100% natural cotton threads to weave this fabric label. It is a beautiful cotton fabric label with soft, fluffy fibers. This natural-friendly cotton label combines the message of Eco-friendly, stylish looking and comfort touch.

 Printed Cotton Labels

A cheaper version of cotton clothing label is the printed cotton labels.  We offer screen printed cotton labels on three different cotton fabrics; herringbone cotton fabric, heavy thick plain weaving cotton fabric (canvas), and thin soft plain weaving cotton fabric.

 Labels for tablecloths and cushions

Many of our customers started their new business by creating and producing precious handmade cushions, tablecloths at home. Their business is small but carries a strong Made-in-England brand image. We help them to design and customize a high quality of personalized brand labels to nourish their dream of creating a brand. Our graphic design team develops a hybrid cotton / polyester woven label that would connect their craftsmanship and materials to a distinctive significance; they are very satisfied that the end result of their brand label has the most and best fusion of stylish, elegance, vivacious feminine glamour, and sophistication!

 Labels for handmade bags

Our cotton woven labels work very well on the luxury designer handbags. The intricate weaving and the natural cotton threads create a unique fashion brand label that can be exquisitely formed to produce a harmonization and intricacies between contemporary and the art deco beauty.

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