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Cotton Woven Labels for Ethical Fashion Brands

Ethical Fashion Brand Clothing Labels

The rise of socially conscious consumers means that ethical brands are more popular than ever. Switched-on customers are voting with their wallets and ensuring that they support fashion businesses that are ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Fashion is responding by being ‘greener’; using organic materials, soft and nature-inspired designs and choosing production methods that are sustainable. These trends are seen heavily on the catwalk and in the fashion press as buyers seek a more harmonious, natural way of life that helps- rather than harms – the world around us.

Printed Cotton Labels

Customers are especially keen for organic cotton and sustainable design. They want to know that local suppliers were used where possible to minimise carbon emissions and they are keen to support local artisans and producers – helping local design and craft to flourish.

Woven Cotton Labels

For these products, customers will pay a premium, and we offer the high-quality woven labels and cotton labels that identify a piece of quality, sustainable and ethical clothing. Our woven labels are made from responsibly sourced cotton and other materials and use traditional screen printing techniques along with environmentally friendly inks. The finished result is beautiful, eye-catching and completely bespoke to your brand. These labels are fashionable, demonstrate your eco credentials and are of extremely high quality.

Leather Labels

Likewise, we offer natural leather labels in PU leather and real leather, with top of the range designer leather label options also on offer. Our boutique and high-end retail customers in particular love these labels for items that are made to last the test of time. The leather gives a timeless, beautiful and hard-wearing finish and can be cut and printed to your most exacting specification, in order to perfectly represent your brand.

Custom Green Fashion Brand label

For more advice or information about our cotton woven labels for ethical fashion brands, get in touch with us today. We offer competitive price and free UK delivery.

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