The most luxurious trends of spring 2017

Woven Labels for Fashion Industry

At Woven-Printed-Garment-Labels, we have an expert understanding of the fashion industry. Our aim is to provide a service that helps to refine and enhance the image of the brands that approach us, and we supply this with our soft, comfortable woven fabric labels.

It seems that in 2017, we’re not the only industry insiders celebrating luxurious textures and a delicious degree of comfort. The months ahead are all about beautifying our taste for the finer things in life, with contemporary designs revolving around decadent fabrics and soft silhouettes.

Here, we look at three of the most popular spring trends of 2017…

Chic and soft textures

Although we can look forward to warmer weather ahead, March through to May in Britain tends to offer a cool and crisp climate for residents, so don’t pack your jumpers away just yet. Hang onto your softest and most luxurious fabrics, and perhaps add another item or two to the mix for good measure. Remember, you can never go wrong with cashmere sweaters or silk shirts, especially if they’ve been finished with one of our woven labels.

Relaxed shapes and silhouettes

The catwalk and the high street have also coordinated to bring relaxed shapes and silhouettes to shop floor shelves. Oversized jumpers worn with a pair of skinny jeans and Chelsea boots look simple and chic, or you could dress your aesthetic up for the evening with a swing dress and knee-high boots.

A simple yet sophisticated palette

Colour is always important to those with an eye to the styles of the moment, and this spring’s colour palette is easy to master because of its sheer, sweet simplicity. Soft peaches and blushes are in vogue for jumpers and shirts, whilst for everything else grey, nude or cream will suffice. Stick to these three simple contemporary rules this spring to bring your wardrobe up to speed.

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