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Woven Clothing Labels tell the stories behind the design fashion ideas and clothes

Fashion Brand Woven Clothing Labels

What is the best way for a fashion designer, while pursuing their dreams in fashion design and textile technology, to tell the stories behind the clothes, and convey emotions? No matter how the design is evolve around the current trends; a fashion clothing designer’s customized woven clothing label is always there to convey the solid brand message.

Future Fashion is not just Clothes

Fashion conveys the emotions, the cultural background of its past in history, its revolution, present and future. It is a mirror reflects of where we are culturally at a moment in time and an indication of where we are going. The sustainable-fashion textile technology; a symbiotic fusion of design with technology; a wearable technology is the future fashion. In fashion garment brand-labels manufacture the labeling process is changing as well; we constantly challenge our in-house production facility to create the high-definition of weaving fabric labels. We adopt a digitally high density weaving technology to get all the details, smooth weaving images and writings. The outcome is that digitally high-density damask weaving labels look like printing images, and the satin woven labels have a contemporary silky finish.

Personalized fabric sewing clothing labels

Here at Woven-Printed-Garment-Labels, we offer a wide range of personalized woven sew in labels for designer clothing, handcraft, handmade items. We specialized in customized woven sew in labels, embroidered labels, and other sewing labels to give a perfect elegant finishing touch, a unique signature seal of approval to clothing, handmade products.

Customized Woven Clothing Labels

Contact us today to design a unique signature seal of brand designer clothing label. We offer a competitive quote, free UK delivery, free sampling, and low minimum.

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Woven Designer Clothes Labels Engaging with Fashion Trend

Woven Designer Labels vs. Fashion Trend

In addition to the prestigious brand label design; you also need to make sure that your garment brand label design is relevant to your target market. Choose the correct label material that reflects the style of your garment design and the fashion of your target customers.  Woven label materials including woven satin labels, woven damask labels, woven taffeta labels, and woven cotton labels.

 UK Woven Designer Labels vs. Overseas Designer Market

An overseas market may differ greatly from that of the country you’re based in.

Our website has plenty of designer woven labels pictures; an extensive labels design examples across the world.  You can refer to the collection of woven designer labels and fashion clothing labels videos posted on our website; and make sure that you’ve researched local fashion trends and overseas market trends, before approaching your overseas market.    Make your UK designer brand labels work both abroad and at home.   “The UK is internationally recognised as a hotbed of designer talent and quality niche manufacturing. This may not be what the home buyers are looking at but in the key export markets of EU countries, Japan and the US.  Exports are an essential part of most UK designer clothing companies’ sales especially as the UK often picks up home grown talent after it is successful overseas.”

 Customized Woven Designer Clothes Labels

Perfect Labels Lanyards have been creating woven designer labels for clothing for many years; it is our specialty and we share this specialty with our valuable customers.

Contact us today to discuss the design of your Woven Designer Clothes Labels; it can be completely customised to suit your exact specifications from size, colour, shape, style, images and text to perfectly compliment your designer brand image and the garments themselves.

We will help to produce a designer label that is standing out from competition.  We offer a quicker lead-time than all other suppliers.

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Email: sales@woven-printed-garment-labels.com
Email: wovenprintuk@btinternet.com