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Sustainable clothing labels

Sustainable clothing labelsSustainable clothing labels

There is seemingly no more avoiding conversation around the fight against climate change. Despite political opposition, more and more industries are finding ways to introduce more environmentally friendly business practices, and the fashion industry is no exception. Fashion consumes vast quantities of resources every year, requiring a wide array of different materials drawn from all corners of the world; cotton, plastic, metal and dyes, to name a small few. The cost of their extraction can be high, using large amounts of energy, labour, water and a hundred other components which go into producing a single piece of clothing. A company’s desire to implement changes is not only driven by environmental reasons, however; customers are increasingly making decisions based on a business’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint or creating eco-friendly products, creating a commercial incentive for the industry to adopt higher standards.

Eco-friendly clothing labels

Many companies are adopting a top-to-toe approach when it comes to environmentally-friendly practices, including the introduction of sustainable clothing labels. Natural cotton and recycled polyester represent the two most freely available and financially viable options for any company dedicated to delivering better environmental policies.

Eco-friendly cotton labels

Organic cotton is grown without harmful, toxic pesticides which improve soil fertility. It also helps absorb CO2 from the atmosphere; and on top of this, it is better for workers, reducing associated health problems.

Recycled polyester labels

100% recycled polyester labels encourage designers to focus on creating a manufacturing process that delivers an unending lifespan. This means that all materials used in the cycle never fall out of use or are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Polyester is one of the most commonly occurring materials in the fashion industry, and reusing, as opposed to creating more of the raw material, carries a number of benefits in terms of cost and time.

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