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Laser Cut Woven Labels

High quality laser cut woven labels

If you’re looking for high-quality labels cut to custom shapes without any fraying, then our woven printed labels are a great choice. The benefit of the laser cutting process is that it can produce complex, irregular shapes to an exacting specification. There is also no thread fraying, thanks to the precision heat cutting finish.

Laser Cut Woven Labels made of top quality materials

We use the highest quality Italian-made threads, which are very soft and thin in order to produce a highly detailed woven image. This provides superb image resolution.

Cutting-edge technology

We also laser cut your label to any desired shape, so that it is produced with perfectly sharp, heat sealed edges. Finally, we can also process the laser cut woven  labels so that they have a self-adhesive or iron-on backing, with a merrowing (or overlocking) border for a highly attractive, strong and neat finish.

Produced to suit

We produce woven labels made to any colour your desire, any cut shape and any label dimension. So, if you are looking for a laser cut woven label with self-adhesive (and iron on backing) contact us today for an instant price.

We offer free delivery and no sampling costs and our customer service is excellent.  And free layout design artwork service as well.

Telephone: +44 (0)116 3183121
Mobile: +44 (0) 7823800552
Email: sales@woven-printed-garment-labels.com
Email: wovenprintuk@btinternet.com