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Personalized sew in labels

Personalized sew-in labels are custom-made fabric labels that are designed to be sewn into clothing, accessories, or other fabric items. These labels often include information such as a brand name, logo, care instructions, size, or any other details that the creator or designer wants to convey. They serve both practical and branding purposes.

Here are some common elements that personalized sew-in labels may include:

Brand Name or Logo: The label may feature the brand’s name or logo, helping to establish a visual identity for the product.

Care Instructions: Information about how to care for the item, such as washing instructions, fabric composition, or other care guidelines, can be included to help users maintain the quality of the product.

Size: Clothing labels often include size information to help customers choose the right fit.

Origin or Made In: Some labels indicate the country or place where the item was manufactured or produced.

Material Information: Details about the fabric or materials used in the product may be included to inform customers about the composition of the item.

Personalized sew-in labels are not only practical for consumers but also contribute to the overall branding and professional appearance of a product. They can be designed to match the aesthetic of the brand and provide a finishing touch to handmade or custom-designed items. Many businesses and individual creators use personalized sew-in labels to add a touch of professionalism and identity to their products.

We offer customized sew-in labels available in both woven and printed styles, crafted from polyester or cotton fabric. Choose from a satin finish or a damask matte finish to suit your preferences. Contact us for more detailed information on personalized sew-in labels to enhance the branding of your products.

Woven Labels Custom

Hang Tags & Swingers

Hang Tags / Swingers

We produce a wide variety of custom high quality paper printed hang tags, clothing swing tickets, plastic hang tags, screen-printed cotton, canvas tags. Our professional hang tags labeling solutions can help your brand stand out.

Contact us for more option of  garment hang tags and swingers

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Metallic Woven Labels

Metallic woven labels

It is a conjunction usage of metallic yarns and regular yarns.  Metallic woven labels can create an extra feature for your garment labels. You can have metallic gold, silver  and more logo added onto your garment labels.

The high-definition damask weave with lurex thread can recreate the highest  possible lustre for the logo image of your branding  clothes label. They can be washed and will not fade.

metallic gold woven labels
metallic gold logo

Metallic Labels

Metallic Labels
Metallic Labels

By adding metallic thread to standard yarns, it’s possible to create metallic woven labels for a shimmery look.

Metallic woven labels look especially good in clothes that are already glittery, given their shimmer, and for the same reason they’re ideal for a fun addition to children’s clothing.

You can also use metallic woven labels for textile home accessories, bags accessories and more.

Our customers love our labels because the threads we use are so fine it’s possible to create a very detailed woven image. They are also very soft, creating a final effect and feel that’s incredibly gentle to the touch.

What’s more, we offer our customers a number of great USPs, including free delivery UK-wide, and no sampling costs.

So, let us add an extra dimension to your high-density garment labels, in gold or silver metallic thread and with a logo of your choice added as well.

Remember, the metallic threads will be used alongside our stock of over 600 vibrantly coloured, fine threads with which we fashion our customers’ premium-quality designer woven clothing labels.

We’ve been working in this specialist field for many years, and many of our customers are household name designer brands.

Talk to us about the spec for your labels – we can help whatever the width, length or design of label you want to produce a genuinely bespoke end result.

Get in touch with us today about our metallic woven labels, whether you’re a private or a commercial customer.

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Cotton Garment Labels

100% cotton,  printed cotton labels

custom cotton labels for clothing
Custom cotton labels for clothing

Earth is the only planet where human beings can exist. We need to be Eco friendly to save our planet Earth and environment as well as making it a better place to live in.

Custom cotton labels for clothing

This Eco-friendly cotton garment labels is 100% cotton, and screen printing on a sustainable cotton fabric.  Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image.

Organic Cotton Labels
Cotton Labels

We use this screen printing technique to print your brand logo, and design onto this environmental friendly cotton fabric.  This label combines few features: Eco-friendly message, fashionable design, and most importantly a very comfort touch.

View  customers’ review on our cotton labels quality here

Our cotton labels are used on all types of clothes from dresses to shirts, kids clothes and also bags, soft furnishings and craft items.

Please contact woven-printed-garment-labels for further inquiries; we will help you to create your Eco-friendly and fashionable cotton garment labels

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Laser Cut Woven Labels

High quality laser cut woven labels

If you’re looking for high-quality labels cut to custom shapes without any fraying, then our woven printed labels are a great choice. The benefit of the laser cutting process is that it can produce complex, irregular shapes to an exacting specification. There is also no thread fraying, thanks to the precision heat cutting finish.

Laser Cut Woven Labels made of top quality materials

We use the highest quality Italian-made threads, which are very soft and thin in order to produce a highly detailed woven image. This provides superb image resolution.

Cutting-edge technology

We also laser cut your label to any desired shape, so that it is produced with perfectly sharp, heat sealed edges. Finally, we can also process the laser cut woven  labels so that they have a self-adhesive or iron-on backing, with a merrowing (or overlocking) border for a highly attractive, strong and neat finish.

Produced to suit

We produce woven labels made to any colour your desire, any cut shape and any label dimension. So, if you are looking for a laser cut woven label with self-adhesive (and iron on backing) contact us today for an instant price.

We offer free delivery and no sampling costs and our customer service is excellent.  And free layout design artwork service as well.

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Satin Garment Labels

Satin Garment Labels

Satin woven garment labels are used often for luxury brand clothes labels. This satin-weave technique produces a woven label with glossy surface. Satin-weave fabric label looks shiny, and has a soft touch, silk-finish.  

Most women designer clothes use satin woven garment labels for its shiny and sophisticated finishes as well as its luxurious, elegant  looking quality.  

Majority of satin woven labels are with either black or white background fabric; this is due to the loom-constrained designs. Most satin weaving loom are 90% loaded with white and black warp yarns.  Satin quality is a good choice if you are looking for an elegant and classic woven label feature.

Woven Labels 

We can weave up to 12 woven colours.

The option of label finishing:   cut single, endfold, centre fold, and mitre fold. We also offer laser cut, adhesive backing, and heat transfer backing.

Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin labels are ideal for the brand labels that have  a complicated design. We offer rotary print and screen handprint production.  Our custom printed label service give you complete control over the design of your labels.

Contact woven-garment-printed-labels, we will help to custom your satin woven garment labels

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High Definition Woven Labels

Woven-Printed-Garment-Labels are a UK based, professional custom labels supplier.  We provide professional knowledge  to help our customers to design and manufacture a high-end garment woven label which will enhance their brand identification.

High definition (damask weaving) woven labels are the most popular high-end garment woven labels quality. It is a high-density polyester weave fabric structure label.   Damask woven labels can achieve the most detailed  woven & texts image; they are soft fabric labels.  This label structure are ideal choice for most clothing labels. The high-definition weaving fabric labels are an excellent way to emphasize your brand product quality and create unique product differentiation.  It helps set your garment business or textile accessories apart from your competitors. 

Alternatively, if you wanted a clear definition but softer, thinner lightweight woven label, you can choose a taffeta weave fabric structure and it is a traditional, durable garment label structure, less weave density than damask (high-definition) woven label. Both damask and taffeta woven labels feature soft touch, and matte-finish quality.

High Definition Woven Garment labels – Affordable & Top Quality

All woven labels are customized to your design artwork for any size, any colour and any shape. Please send your label artwork in PDF format to below email for a quote. If you don’t know how to design your woven label and if you need help getting started, please contact us on below email for further discussion. In order to have a successful outcome of a bespoke brand label, you need to discuss your option of fabric label and logo design with our technique team.

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