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Woven Clothing Labels tell the stories behind the design fashion ideas and clothes

Fashion Brand Woven Clothing Labels

What is the best way for a fashion designer, while pursuing their dreams in fashion design and textile technology, to tell the stories behind the clothes, and convey emotions? No matter how the design is evolve around the current trends; a fashion clothing designer’s customized woven clothing label is always there to convey the solid brand message.

Future Fashion is not just Clothes

Fashion conveys the emotions, the cultural background of its past in history, its revolution, present and future. It is a mirror reflects of where we are culturally at a moment in time and an indication of where we are going. The sustainable-fashion textile technology; a symbiotic fusion of design with technology; a wearable technology is the future fashion. In fashion garment brand-labels manufacture the labeling process is changing as well; we constantly challenge our in-house production facility to create the high-definition of weaving fabric labels. We adopt a digitally high density weaving technology to get all the details, smooth weaving images and writings. The outcome is that digitally high-density damask weaving labels look like printing images, and the satin woven labels have a contemporary silky finish.

Personalized fabric sewing clothing labels

Here at Woven-Printed-Garment-Labels, we offer a wide range of personalized woven sew in labels for designer clothing, handcraft, handmade items. We specialized in customized woven sew in labels, embroidered labels, and other sewing labels to give a perfect elegant finishing touch, a unique signature seal of approval to clothing, handmade products.

Customized Woven Clothing Labels

Contact us today to design a unique signature seal of brand designer clothing label. We offer a competitive quote, free UK delivery, free sampling, and low minimum.

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Woven-Printed-Garment-Labels are a professional Labels Maker for more than 15 years and we are one of the leading suppliers in  the UK.  We provide professional knowledge and consultation related the design of name labels, name badges.

We are set up to start delivering your business or brand a professional customized garment labels at competitive prices.

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Custom Clothing Labels for your trendy clothing business

The key to start your  own trendy clothing line business is to establish a particular niche for your clothing business.  You need to specialize in women’s formal clothing and accessories. And you need to have an acute business instinct, a genuine interest in the clothing industry.  You need to find your own niche in the apparel market and furthermore you need to choose a professional garment label manufacturer to customize an unique style of your Woven Labels for Clothing

You can contact us today for custom made your  designer woven garment labels, we will help to design and manufacture an outstanding identification brand clothing labels and help set your business or clothing company apart from your competitors

Satin Garment Labels

Satin Garment Labels

Satin woven garment labels are used often for luxury brand clothes labels. This satin-weave technique produces a woven label with glossy surface. Satin-weave fabric label looks shiny, and has a soft touch, silk-finish.  

Most women designer clothes use satin woven garment labels for its shiny and sophisticated finishes as well as its luxurious, elegant  looking quality.  

Majority of satin woven labels are with either black or white background fabric; this is due to the loom-constrained designs. Most satin weaving loom are 90% loaded with white and black warp yarns.  Satin quality is a good choice if you are looking for an elegant and classic woven label feature.

Woven Labels 

We can weave up to 12 woven colours.

The option of label finishing:   cut single, endfold, centre fold, and mitre fold. We also offer laser cut, adhesive backing, and heat transfer backing.

Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin labels are ideal for the brand labels that have  a complicated design. We offer rotary print and screen handprint production.  Our custom printed label service give you complete control over the design of your labels.

Contact woven-garment-printed-labels, we will help to custom your satin woven garment labels

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