How to make fabric clothing labels

Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are important for those who want to make a living from the clothes they make – after all, your customers need to be able to know who you are!

How to make Fabric Clothing Labels

It’s actually pretty simple to make woven labels. There are very few restrictions in terms of size, fonts or level of softness. The only key factor in designing your own label is in ensuring that the text is legible for smaller garments, preferably at least 1.8mm in height and width to make the name stand out and be easy to read.

Clothing Label Printing

All you need to do is to create your design on the computer and print onto a fabric sheet. Let the ink dry, before removing the paper backing and dry ironing on the design side. Rinse and iron again to make the custom label colourfast before hand or machine sewing onto your garment. It’s that easy!

Clothing Labels UK Supplier

These days, woven clothes labels come in all sorts of designs and colours which can be mixed and matched to ideally capture your personality and preferences and make your clothes stand out at fashion shows or in stores. The only limitation for modern fabric clothing labels is your own imagination!

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