Leather Labels

Leather LabelsLeather Labels

Leather are natural resources; they are beautiful, durable and flexible materials. A genuine lather label reflects the good quality of the products you provide.

Genuine Leather Label

Leather  is a renewable natural resource. We provide genuine leather labels in a wide variety of leather materials, pattern styles and numerous colours option.

Synthetic Leather Label

Synthetic leather is a man-made material; they are derived from non-renewable resources. Synthetic label also known as PU label (Polyurethane).  They are the cheaper alternative to the real leather. Synthetic label has a similar look and feel to genuine leather label; the price is about 10 % cheaper. This label provides a wider range of leather colours including the classic dark brown colour and the fashionable colours such as red, pink, blue, and silver.

Designer Leather Label

The bespoke designer leather labels are the special labels made with embroidery, metal attachment, and PVC injection on to the leather.  We are also able to print or deboss the logo design on to the softest and thinner leather label, and it can have a loop fold finish.

All above leather labels can be print, hot press, embossed.  Contact us on below email, and send your design artwork for a quote. Leather Label is the prestige brand label to add a high level of exclusivity to your luxury products.

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