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Laser Cut Woven Labels

Laser Cut Woven Labels for Kids Clothing

We are able to create adorable and fun laser-cut woven fabric labels for designer children’s clothing.

The benefit of the laser cutting process is that it can produce complex, irregular shapes to an exact specification. There is also no thread fraying, thanks to the precision heat cutting finish.

We use the Italian-made highest quality yarns, which are soft and thin in order to weave a high-definition detailed woven image. This provides a superb woven image resolution,  and unbeatable vivid coloured designs.

Metallic woven labels

By adding metallic thread to standard yarns, it’s possible to create metallic woven labels for a shimmery look. Metallic woven labels look especially good in clothes that are already glittery, given their shimmer, and for the same reason they’re ideal for a fun addition to children’s clothing.

You can have up to 12 coloured threads on one Laser Cut Woven Label.  View below a small collection of puffed, laser cut woven label samples.

Contact us on below email for further inquiries. We are happy to  help to create a high-quality laser cut woven label for designer children’s clothing.  They are cute and unique brand woven labels to promote your brand products.  All of our woven labels are made to any colour your desire, any cut shape and any label dimension. So, if you are looking for a laser cut woven label with self-adhesive (and iron on backing) contact us today for an instant price.

We offer free delivery and no sampling costs and our customer service is excellent.  And free layout design artwork service as well.

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