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Fabric Labels for Handmade Crafts by UK Supplier

Fabric Labels for Handmade Crafts UKWoven Fabric Labels

Custom-made fabric labels can add a true signature aesthetic to your precious handmade crafts creation. One of our designer clients produces the elegant femininity bag. She was looking for a true signature to add to her hand-made item that can express the ultimate feature of her product. She wants to be the unique leader of her creative products in a competitive marketplace. We created a special hybrid label for her hand-made product; screen printing on a feministic lightweight chiffon fabric. The printing on this silk-like fabric has 3D effect, with her logo embossed on this lightweight fabric. We successfully created a fabric label that combines message of elegant femininity and strong brand identification. This is exactly what she wanted, and she is satisfied with the result.

Fabric labels for handmade crafts UK design

We are proud to say that we are a one-stop shop for custom woven and printed labels. We produce a wide range of craft labels to suit all purpose hand-made items; you don’t need to compromise your design specification, we listen to your ideas; we respect your design and we materialise your project. Contact us to start custom fabric labels for your handmade crafts items from reliable UK supplier. Visit our product pages for printed canvas cotton labels, woven fabric labels, printed satin labels, hybrid labels.

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