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Denim Labels for Non-fashion Lifestyle Clothes Brands.

Custom Clothing Labels for Denim brand

The feature of our newly launched spring 2016 labels collection are focusing on clothes labels designs with non-fashion, lifestyle features. The new labels are specially designed for the distinct groups of designers who seeks to differ their lifestyle brand in the market place that are considered as young, rustic, non-fashion hipster and independence style of urban outfits.

Denim Labels made of Cotton Fabric and Polyester Woven Fabric

Either heavyweight cotton fabric labels (or canvas labels tags), or polyester woven labels are good to use to create lifestyle and non-fashion denim brand labels. They represent working class, durable, and comfortable; a great fabric label to feature the denim brand.

Our labels design team use colours and patterns design in a clever way to create distinct fabric labels that give a great comfortable feeling and soft natural touch.

Looking for Denim Labels that Creates Comfortable Feeling?

If you are searching to customize a brand label that creates the feature of durable and comfortable lifestyle; Please send your label design artwork (PDF file) on below email address to us, we will start customizing a unique clothes label that fully feature your denim and leisure wear brand. Our highest quality labels and unsurpassed attention to detail are always guaranteed.

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