Printed cotton labels

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Cotton Clothing Labels – made in 100% Cotton

Our custom-made cotton clothing labels are 100% natural cotton base.  We use these beautiful, and soft natural cotton fabric to  customize a lovely cotton clothing label.  Our soft, and breathable cotton fabric labels can add the special  feature to your home decor, and handmade creation items. We made a YouTube video to show you the feature of 100% cotton printed clothes  labels that we create.

Cotton Clothing Labels Video


Silicone Heat Transfer Cotton Labels

We are able to create 3D silicone heat transfer cotton labels.  These eye-catching labels are eco-friendly silicone heat transfer labels with high definition micro-injection.  You can have matte finish or glossy  finish silicone logo on to cotton fabric.  You can also have  clear silicone logo on to 100 % cotton labels. Silicone labels are used for outerwear garments and accessories.

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