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Contemporary Design Woven Clothing Labels

Woven Clothing Labels – Contemporary style

The most popular contemporary style of woven clothing labels design is the use of neutral colour palette; a pure clean colour, something like white logo on white woven fabric label, or black logo on black woven fabric label. A style that is intricate but simplicity.  Modern fashion clothing designers are constantly seeking a story-telling brand image that is capable of shedding light on our connection to the world. Today, the technology brought so many changes to our lifestyle which created a blurred line between the connection of the physical body and the expression of its identity.  And the most powerful brand expression are now via digital images; virtual and intangible objects are the often used methods to connect to a brand-expression and existence of an individual.  As one of leading UK Woven Clothing Labels suppliers, our art team is capable to convert any intricate brand label design and digital images into a simplicity contemporary woven image.

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