Why are consumers interested in the origin labelling?

Origin Labelling

Why are consumers interested in the origin labelling? Today, consumers ask many more questions and are much more savvy about where the products they’re buying come from. Buying locally is fast becoming the norm with a new generation of consumers, which means that brand labels for clothes and origin labelling are more important than ever. Where was it designed? Which country was it made in? Designers and brands are coming under more pressure to provide consumers with important details.

Woven Designer Labels

Woven designer labels are being used to deliver consumers with important information including where the item was made and the origin of materials. But why is this important to consumers? Well, firstly, where an item is made can tell a consumer a lot about the quality of the item. Secondly, in recent years there’s been a huge rise in interest in clothing being ethically made, i.e. not manufactured by children working long hours in sweatshops for a low pay. Will origin labelling affect brand loyalty? Brands can use origin labelling on their designer fabric labels for a positive effect. Associating their brand with a specific place of manufacture can have a huge influence on customer loyalty – and on the flip side, a negative one too if the conditions in which the garment is manufactured are unethical or contravene the brand’s policy.

Custom Origin Labelling

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