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There are three most common types of  finishes for labels:  Two-End Fold, Center Fold, and Straight Heat Cut.   We also offer special folding  processes such as Manhattan fold.  Alternatively you can also have  laser heat cut finish for your round or irregular shape  labels. We also have the facility to make a special process for padded  tubular labels.

  • Two End Fold: an additional  6 mm sewing space to be added  on two ends to be folded
  • Center Fold: Also needs to add additional 6 mm sewing space on top/bottom ends
  • Straight Heat Cut: It is heat sealed edges. These are to be sewn around the four edges.
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Clothing Labels
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Contact us today for your custom woven clothes  labels; we will help to design and manufacture an outstanding identification brand clothing labels and help to set your business or clothing company apart from your competitors.

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