The Art and Science of Woven Labels

The Art and Science of Woven Labels: Elevate Your Brand with Eco-Friendly Clothing Labels.

In the world of fashion and branding, every detail matters. One often-overlooked but crucial detail is the humble woven label. These small pieces of fabric hold significant potential for elevating your brand identity, conveying important information, and making a lasting impression on your customers. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of woven labels, explore their benefits, and highlight the importance of eco-friendly fabric labels.

Woven Labels: The Cornerstone of Branding

Woven labels are the miniature ambassadors of your brand. They are more than just tags; they are a direct link between your product and your customers. When designed thoughtfully, custom fabric labels can convey a sense of luxury, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that sets your brand apart.

The Power of Woven Labels

  1. Brand Identity: Woven labels provide a platform for showcasing your brand’s logo, name, and distinctive colors. They are a consistent element on all your products, reinforcing your brand identity with every use.
  2. Information Hub: Beyond branding, custom fabric labels can carry vital information such as care instructions, fabric content, and sizing. This information is not only helpful to customers but also legally required in many regions.
  3. Durability: Unlike printed labels that can fade or peel, woven labels are renowned for their durability. They withstand multiple washes, ensuring that your brand remains visible and intact over time.

The Role of Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are a subset of woven labels specifically designed for garments. They play a pivotal role in the fashion industry by displaying size, care instructions, and the fabric composition. Quality clothing labels enhance the overall customer experience, making it easier for shoppers to choose the right size and care for their garments.

Eco-Friendly Fabric Labels: A Sustainable Choice

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, choosing eco-friendly fabric labels is not just a trend; it’s a responsible choice. These labels are typically made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. By opting for eco-friendly fabric labels, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, which can resonate with eco-conscious consumers.


Woven labels are more than just functional; they are a canvas for your brand’s story. Crafting them with care and attention can set your products apart and enhance your brand’s reputation. Don’t forget the importance of clothing labels, which add practicality to your products. And in today’s eco-aware world, consider the eco-friendly fabric label option to align your brand with sustainability values.

Investing in woven labels, clothing labels, and eco-friendly fabric labels is a step towards building a strong brand identity, ensuring customer satisfaction, and contributing to a greener planet. Make these labels a part of your brand strategy, and watch as they weave your success story one stitch at a time.

Woven Labels Custom

Labels for Face Masks

Labels for face masks

As England moves towards compulsory face coverings in shops from Friday 24th July, demand for quality, reusable face masks will no doubt increase significantly. As lockdown restrictions gradually ease, more people are likely to spend time in enclosed spaces, increasing the risk of COVID-19 spreading. It has been suggested by the World Health Organisation that wearing a face mask or covering will keep wearers and the people around them safe and less at risk of contracting the disease.

Bespoke labels for face masks

If you are a supplier or maker of face masks, we can provide custom labels for face masks to make sure your business stands out.

We have a wide range of labels to choose from including polyester and 100% cotton labels, to suit your fabrics and designs. For outside labels, our woven polyester labels come highly recommended thanks to their durability.

Woven labels can withstand everything reusable face masks will need them to, looking like new even after numerous washes. Woven polyester is renowned for coping well with frequent hot water washes, which will be essential after each use of a mask.

While disposable masks have become more readily available, as face masks become compulsory in more settings, many people will be looking for reusable options that are more environmentally-friendly. By adding a quality custom label, you can ensure your business is playing its part in helping the nation stay safe while encouraging people to make a more environmentally-conscious choice too.Labels for face masks

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Sustainable clothing labels

Sustainable clothing labelsSustainable clothing labels

There is seemingly no more avoiding conversation around the fight against climate change. Despite political opposition, more and more industries are finding ways to introduce more environmentally friendly business practices, and the fashion industry is no exception. Fashion consumes vast quantities of resources every year, requiring a wide array of different materials drawn from all corners of the world; cotton, plastic, metal and dyes, to name a small few. The cost of their extraction can be high, using large amounts of energy, labour, water and a hundred other components which go into producing a single piece of clothing. A company’s desire to implement changes is not only driven by environmental reasons, however; customers are increasingly making decisions based on a business’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint or creating eco-friendly products, creating a commercial incentive for the industry to adopt higher standards.

Eco-friendly clothing labels

Many companies are adopting a top-to-toe approach when it comes to environmentally-friendly practices, including the introduction of sustainable clothing labels. Natural cotton and recycled polyester represent the two most freely available and financially viable options for any company dedicated to delivering better environmental policies.

Eco-friendly cotton labels

Organic cotton is grown without harmful, toxic pesticides which improve soil fertility. It also helps absorb CO2 from the atmosphere; and on top of this, it is better for workers, reducing associated health problems.

Recycled polyester labels

100% recycled polyester labels encourage designers to focus on creating a manufacturing process that delivers an unending lifespan. This means that all materials used in the cycle never fall out of use or are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Polyester is one of the most commonly occurring materials in the fashion industry, and reusing, as opposed to creating more of the raw material, carries a number of benefits in terms of cost and time.

Sustainable clothing labels UK supplier

Visit our website and browse our sustainable clothing labels collection now. If you have any questions regarding eco-friendly clothing labels, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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How to make your sportswear design stand out

These days, people are taking their fitness and health more seriously than ever, and some gym junkies have a larger collection of activewear than everyday clothing. With the fitness industry booming, people are now looking for sportswear that will look great both in and out of the gym. But as a designer in this growing industry, how do you make your activewear designs stand out? Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Create a brand identity

This is one of the most important things you can do when designing clothing- make your designs cohesive. When a customer views your collection from afar, they should be able to identify your brand immediately. Eye-catching designs in a similar style will build your brand identity and are sure to be memorable.

Create eye-catching labels

It might seem minor, but how you label your clothing can go a long way in drawing customers in. Raised silicone logo labels are a great way to give your products a high-quality finish while standing out (literally). A silicone rubber logo draws the eye and is easy to transfer onto products- all you need is a heat press machine and a great logo design and you’re on your way. A 3D logo, in particular, will be difficult to ignore, and if it’s printed on the outside of your clothing, it can be used as a marketing tool to be displayed whenever a customer wears your product out and about.

Consider multipurpose designs

As mentioned before, people are wearing their activewear at all times nowadays, so designing sportswear that wouldn’t look out of place on the high street is sure to attract customers. Everyday activewear is a huge trend in 2019, so keep your designs not only comfortable and practical but also in fusion with high street trends.

To make your sportswear designs stand out from the crowd, invest in silicone heat transfer logo labels from Woven Printed Garment Labels. You can choose between two different kinds of silicone labels- our standard form or our 3D mould injection labels.

Silicone Heat Transferred Logo Labels

Our standard screen printing silicone labels come in a variety of finishes, including glossy, matte and brush effect, and we have a great range of multi-colour options.

3D Mould Injection Silicone Heat Transfer Logo Labels

However, if you would like your logo to have a thicker body with a textured, layered effect, then our 3D mould injection silicone heat transfer logo labels would be perfect for you. This option requires a custom-made mould to create the 3D, textured effect, and a completely unique design is guaranteed.

Browse our rubber labels collection now and boost your sportswear sales.

Silicone Heat Transfer Logo
Silicone Heat Transfer Logo

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Woven labels – keep it colourful!

Colours have many meanings. They can create an emotional reaction and set a mood in a split-second. Combining, complementing and contrasting them is a key element of the “science” of the fashion industry. Right down to those essential finishing touches, like clothing labels!

Fashion for 2019 is fun!

The current colour trend in clothing is bold, bright and unmissable. This looks set to continue into the next season’s fashions. After all, great design and fabulous fashions are the perfect antidote to the uncertain times we live in. So, expect highlighter bright colours to appear, as designers will be working from an “anything goes” palette. This will run alongside reliable perennials such as mono and nude clothing.

In tandem with freedom in use of colour, comes new levels of creativity in form and accessorising. It’s all about clothing that’s uplifting and fun. It means patterned fabrics continue to be popular, including that timeless classic leopard print!

Comfort and confidence from clothes

There’s also an element of comfort running through 2019’s clothing lines. Comfort in wearability, but also clothes that make the wearer “feel safe”. It means big and baggy are still trending in easy wear, for that wrap around quality.

In women’s fashion, there is also a move away from seduction, to confidence and empowerment. Skirt lengths are longer, and outerwear is more fluid, for example.

Much of the creativity and “no limits” nature of fashion in 2019 is about everyone being able to personalise their own look and having clothes that are “real” and reassuringly interchangeable. This helps underpin the throwaway age too, enabling buyers to mix and match, then dispose of items.

Individualise finishing touches

Adding personalised labels can help designers and manufacturers to add to this authentic trend. It‘s also an impactful message to show individualised care, even in affordable and disposable brands.

Woven labels in strong shades also help build your brand identity, and if you commission colourful fabric labels you have more chance of getting noticed…..just like consumers in their new bright wardrobes!

Bespoke woven labels

Every brand will invest in its own bespoke woven labels to identify itself, but the most luxurious brands will ensure that their personalized labels are as desirable and high-end as the collections they design and produce. So look inside clothes to get a real sense of brand quality!Bespoke woven labels

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The importance of branding labels in the fashion, clothes and textiles industry


Branding Clothing Labels
Branding Clothing Labels

Winter 2018 fashion is set to be unlike anything we have ever seen before. With a greater focus on experimentation, designers and the textiles industry are attempting to push the boundaries of fashion in combining a variety of styles and textures. Gone are the silhouette enhancing garments of last year, instead we will be seeing layered ensembles that ooze sophistication in our shop windows.

2018 Winter catwalks

Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford collections are heavily dominated by animal print this season. Gone are the days where leopard and cheetah print were considered tacky, the designers have revolutionised its reputation with the innovative use of colour and accessories. It’s a design that has already trickled down into the commercial clothing industry and is sure to be the go-to trend this Winter.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, designers were inspired to channel the concept of female empowerment and sexuality through their clothing design choices. Tailored dresses with modest hemlines were the highlight of the Alexander McQueen collection; layered with a mixture of soft fabrics and leather, this winter design is unashamedly bold and representative of women and men in the modern era.

Branding Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are essential for branding

“Who are you wearing?” That’s the question we all want answers to when an outfit or fashion trend grabs our attention. When it comes to fashion, branding is everything and manufacturers shouldn’t neglect clothing labels during the design process.

The experimental winter period is the perfect time to choose labels that push the boundaries of your brand marketing. With so many styles to choose from, woven labels can be tailored to meet your unique design requirements; even our leather labels can perfectly represent the edgy trends of winter 2018.

Custom Clothing Labels

From fabric labels to personalized labels, Woven Printed Garment Labels have high-quality products guaranteed to make your clothing brand stand out from the crowd.

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Sustainability, fashion and clothing labels and tags

Sustainability, fashion and clothing labels and tagsSustainability clothing labels tags

London Fashion Week kicks off with a bang again on 20 September 2018, highlighting all the must-have trends from spring and summer 2019. Some of the hottest trends for this scorching summer of 2018 are bold and bright street clothes that are eye-catching and visually beautiful.

Hottest designers for Spring/Summer 2018

The Versace Collection for this year was jaw-dropping, as designers fought to create womenswear that would be a significant tribute to mark the 20 year anniversary of the death of Gianni Versace. Many of the top designs on the catwalk were reminiscent of 80’s style and trends, so power dressing is really high on the list for fashion-conscious women through this year. Some of the strongest features include nipped-in waistlines, strong shoulder silhouettes and emphasised leg lines. Softer, romantic and more feminine designs are also a key design influence throughout this year.

Looking forward to 2019 fashions for women, it seems likely that trouser suits teamed with flat shoes will be one of the principal fashion statements to watch out for.

Sustainable clothing labels

Manufacturers looking for eco-friendly clothing labels for high-quality garment branding should look for ethical suppliers with a good reputation in the trade. Branding your fashion garments with top quality garment labels helps ensure the visibility of your products. Woven Printed Garment Labels supply designer woven labels and tags to manufacturers in the UK and Europe and create professional and creative labels to meet customer design specifications entirely.

Custom Clothing Labels

Get in touch today to discuss the ways in which our sustainable clothing labels can enhance any range of garments.

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Why are consumers interested in the origin labelling?

Origin Labelling

Why are consumers interested in the origin labelling? Today, consumers ask many more questions and are much more savvy about where the products they’re buying come from. Buying locally is fast becoming the norm with a new generation of consumers, which means that brand labels for clothes and origin labelling are more important than ever. Where was it designed? Which country was it made in? Designers and brands are coming under more pressure to provide consumers with important details.

Woven Designer Labels

Woven designer labels are being used to deliver consumers with important information including where the item was made and the origin of materials. But why is this important to consumers? Well, firstly, where an item is made can tell a consumer a lot about the quality of the item. Secondly, in recent years there’s been a huge rise in interest in clothing being ethically made, i.e. not manufactured by children working long hours in sweatshops for a low pay. Will origin labelling affect brand loyalty? Brands can use origin labelling on their designer fabric labels for a positive effect. Associating their brand with a specific place of manufacture can have a huge influence on customer loyalty – and on the flip side, a negative one too if the conditions in which the garment is manufactured are unethical or contravene the brand’s policy.

Custom Origin Labelling

We produce the highest quality designer woven labels for fashion brands. Our polyester woven labels are design features in their own right, featuring the softest fabrics for comfortable wear, vivid colour threads so that brands really stand out.

Our cotton labels are 100 % natural cotton fabric labels. All of our cotton labels are of the highest quality and come from ethically sourced cotton.

Our prices are also extremely competitive and we offer an excellent service as standard. Contact us to discuss your needs for origin labelling and woven labels.

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Beautiful Soft Leather Labels

Leather Labels for Clothing and Handbags

Leather is one of nature’s most beautiful materials to work with. Through the tanning process, each of our soft leather labels develops a unique tone and colour, which makes them the perfect option for adding a premium look to garments.

What soft leather labels are there?

There are three types of soft leather labels: genuine leather, synthetic leather, and designer leather. Genuine leather offers premium quality, while synthetic leather offers the same look, for a cheaper price. It is a good option for those on a restricted budget, or with a need for high volume orders. Designer leather options can be made with embroidery, metal attachments, and PVC injection onto the leather. Very soft leather is ideal for loop folded labels.

Can they be debossed and loop folded ?

Leather labels have the option to be debossed, printed and embroidered. Many customers opt for embossed leather labels, as these allow for a sophisticated look on any garment. All of our leathers can be embossed.

Leather Labels Maker

Leather is a truly beautiful material, and as it is natural, it is renewable too. If you’re looking to add some prestige to your clothing range, then consider the benefits of soft leather labels. Get in touch to let us help you create the perfect bespoke labels for your garments and accessories. You are getting the top quality labels straight from leather labels maker. All customized to your requirements. Our genuine leather labels are handcrafted designs and made with the finest sustainable sourced materials.

Contact us on below email for enquiry of custom leather Labels for Clothing and Handbags.

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How to make fabric clothing labels

Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are important for those who want to make a living from the clothes they make – after all, your customers need to be able to know who you are!

How to make Fabric Clothing Labels

It’s actually pretty simple to make woven labels. There are very few restrictions in terms of size, fonts or level of softness. The only key factor in designing your own label is in ensuring that the text is legible for smaller garments, preferably at least 1.8mm in height and width to make the name stand out and be easy to read.

Clothing Label Printing

All you need to do is to create your design on the computer and print onto a fabric sheet. Let the ink dry, before removing the paper backing and dry ironing on the design side. Rinse and iron again to make the custom label colourfast before hand or machine sewing onto your garment. It’s that easy!

Clothing Labels UK Supplier

These days, woven clothes labels come in all sorts of designs and colours which can be mixed and matched to ideally capture your personality and preferences and make your clothes stand out at fashion shows or in stores. The only limitation for modern fabric clothing labels is your own imagination!

We are suppliers of custom woven clothing labels. For more advice or information about our clothing, get in touch with us today.


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